Gina Tam is an assistant professor of history at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She completed her Ph.D. in modern Chinese history at Stanford University in 2016, and received her B.A. in History and Asian Studies from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2008. She is a fourth-generation Italian-American originally from Lakewood, Colorado. 

At the core of her research interests lies the interplay between identity-building, state-society relations, and the construction of knowledge. Her research has examined these themes in the history of modern China—from gender relations, to language policy, and food. Her research has been supported by the Fulbright program, Fulbright-Hays, and the Blakemore Foundation. 

Her teaching interests are wide-ranging, from ancient to modern, from local to global, but she primarily uses teaching to explore with students how the study of history informs our present— together drawing upon a complex past so as to envision a malleable future.